First impression in the USA

On August 18th I left Italy and I started a complete new life in Texas. It’s been almost 2 months that I’ve been here and the first thing that I understood so far is that everything in Texas is bigger, from the street to the food. Being an exchange student and being far from home it’s not simple at the beginning.

First of all, living without your family, sleeping in a bed that it’s not yours and speaking a different language all day it’s not as easy as it seems. I’ve been very lucky to find a host family that truly loves me and makes me happy every day. I had a big change: I went from being the youngest and most pampered to being the oldest. Dealing with two little sisters is one of the best things that happened in my life. I love playing with them and I love looking in their eyes and seeing how much they truly appreciate me. Being with them I never have time to get bored and think about my life in Italy. Moreover I have not only found 4 people that love me, I have found many more. I met all the relatives and they’ve been so nice with me, they were interested in learning about me and my country and we’re planning our thanksgiving holiday all together. 

Furthermore everything here is so BIG, the grocery’s stores, the street and even the food. I think the biggest difference was going from Solto Collina with less than 2000 people to Houston which is really one of the 5 most populated cities in the United States. It may sound beautiful and I can say it has advantages but most of the time, in everyday life it only causes problems: every morning you have to leave home earlier because otherwise you stay in traffic and it takes at least 3 hours to do the shopping.

Moving on to the school I can say that it’s really different from what I was used to. My school has almost 4.000 students and a long list of courses to choose from. It’s kinda like the film, you have the same 7 lessons at the same times every day, from Monday to Friday and you change class every period. However the school begins really hourly, you need to be in your first period class by 7:15 AM and this is one of the things I hate the most. Last but not least, I’m playing volleyball with the school. The team it’s really competitive, we’re currently ranked as Houston Town’s first   HS volleyball team and we are ready for the state play off. 

In conclusion I can say that my life has radically changed: school, food, family and the size of the city, but I’m happy like this. All this has already given me new knowledge and I am sure that over time I will be able to learn more and more.

Lucia Grazioli

4B Linguistico

Exchange student in Texas


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